Mom who gave birth just as COVID 19 started shares her story of postpartum anxiety

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WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – You know Kathryn Ghion as the 7News anchor. Now, she reveals her personal story as a new mother struggling with a feeling that “the world suddenly fell apart.”

Kathryn and her husband Tom were overjoyed to become parents.

Michael was born on February 25, 2020, just as the pandemic started.

The fears that every parent experiences were magnified by the fears that came with a worldwide health crisis. Postpartum anxiety hit Kathryn when Michael was three months old. It came with a recurring terror.

I would feel afraid that if I wasn’t the one taking care of Michael, something bad would happen to him.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

They had the ideal child care, both sides of the family, who were wonderful with the baby, but she could never relax.

What they call intrusive thoughts were waking me up at night thinking that something was wrong with Michael and I would go check on him ten to twelve times a night.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

One morning it got worse.

I just slumped next to my bed and I started to cry and my husband Tom was sleeping at the time. He got up and said I think you need to talk to somebody.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

Postpartum anxiety is something I’m sure that a lot of people go through. Probably not everybody says that it’s happening to them.

Tom Vey, Kathryn’s Husband

She put off reaching out for help because of another fear.

I was afraid, having these irrational thoughts,  that as soon as I told somebody they were going to take my son from me.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

Kathryn finally went to counseling, and the clouds lifted. She only wishes she’d started sooner.

It was just debilitating for me and I feel that if I hadn’t waited and been so afraid to get help, it may not have been so bad.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

Her husband said getting help was courageous.

“Absolutely that’s definitely the brave and the right thing to do.

Tom Vey, Kathryn’s Husband

Now Michael is 15-months-old and parenthood is a joy.

I’m lucky, and I look at that baby every day and say I would do it again.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

It definitely is something I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Tom Vey, Kathryn’s Husband

Now Kathryn has a message for other new moms.

“Just know you’re not alone. Surround yourself with other people. We are still super moms, even if we had to get help.

Kathryn Ghion, Mom, 7News Anchor

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