Wheeling, W, Va. (WTRF) – The competition closed out the Ogden Wellness Weekend. You couldn’t keep some of the athletes away from an event like this who chose to run, climb, jump, and go for a little swim on Sunday.

“I own a personal training studio in St. Clairsville so I love people getting together for their health and having it be fun and not like, oh God, I have to do this,” Allie Wojtasek, the first female finisher said.

“It’s a good race. It’s a lot of fun. I would’ve done it the last two years but they didn’t have it because of COVID but they had it again. So, yeah, I really enjoy it,” 2nd Heat Champion Nathan Lane said.

Wojtasek was also the first woman to finish for the last event held in 2019 but she recounted what she thought the hardest obstacles were.

“…Stairs; for sure. They were just long and then I was really concerned with the rope climb because I’ve never done it but I actually did it and I was like super surprised. I’m assuming it was just like adrenaline but it was fun,” Wojtasek said.

Lane felt like there was strong competition the whole way from many worthy athletes.

“There were some really strong athletes. I had a couple of guys out there that were right with me and pushing me and just kept me motivated to go on,” Wojtasek said.