At the Ohio State Highway Patrol, they often hear drivers say they didn’t see the motorcycle until it was too late.

And that is a very real phenomenon.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month.

So they urge motorcyclists to assume that other drivers may not realize they are there.

“You have to assume the worst when you’re on a motorcycle,” said Sgt. Rocky Hise of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. “If you’re in a car, when you see a motorcyclist, give them a full lane of space. Their reaction time, their ability to stop on a dime, is completely different than the motorist’s.”

He advises motorcyclists, if they are passing a car, not to remain in that driver’s blind spot; just get past them and move on.

He said the relationship between cars and motorcycles is a lot like the relationship between tractor trailers and cars.

Just be acutely aware, and give each other plenty of room.