MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – The Moundsville Police Department is issuing a warning to residents.

Police Chief Thomas Mitchell tells us that a group of “indigent people” have been breaking into unlocked cars, and stealing anything of value.

The Chief says these suspects aren’t breaking windows or picking locks, they’re just finding unlocked cars. For now the robberies appear to be centered around 1st to 7th Streets, but police say it can happen anywhere in town.

They urge residents to keep their cars locked, and take any valuables out, especially firearms.

“And one thing you should not leave in your car, locked or unlocked, is guns. Because we’ve had a couple episodes where people have left handguns in the car, just for a minute, and then they come back out and someone has managed to get in their car and away goes their handgun down the street.”

Chief Thomas Mitchell, Moundsville Police

Chief Mitchell says these break-ins also appear to be happening at any time, day or night, so be on your guard. Do not make yourself a soft target for criminals.

If you see anyone creeping around cars in a suspicious way, call the Moundsville Police and they’ll come out and take a look.