WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — First responders and tow truck operators say the most dangerous part of their job is stepping out of their vehicle to help someone along the berm of the road.

That’s why this Saturday is national Move Over Slow Down day.

It’s designated to call attention to a law that’s often overlooked.

When you see an emergency vehicle along the road, you need to pull your vehicle away from it into another lane.

This applies to many different categories of vehicles.

“Police, firefighters, EMT, construction workers, tow truck operators, these are just some of the people. And then also you can extend that to your average person who’s just stuck at the roadside trying to work out something with their vehicle or maybe waiting for emergency responders.”

Jim Garrity | | Public Affairs Director, AAA East Central

Each state has a Move Over law.

West Virginia has had one since 2003.

Officials say tragically, law enforcement officers are killed every year by drivers who fail to move over.