WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — For those looking for a new furry friend, now is your chance to get one.

Samaritan for Pets is an organization that helps with coping from the loss of a pet, adopting a new pet, and assuring both the pet and the owner live a meaningful life.

The organization will be holding an event on Saturday, June 3 at Garden Park in Warwood to promote their work and hopefully find people a new pet that they can connect with.

Itinerary for Event

The goal of the organization is to help the pet and the owners live a life filled with love.   

”These clients and these owners, I want them to be my friends and family to where we, you know, they can rely on us hopefully and that’s what it is, it’s all about the friendships and making those connections.”

Ken Suter – Founder of Samaritan for Pets

”What we do is we try to help people establish either their first time pet or maybe another pet. Our thing is you can never replace what you lost with the same thing. However, we can make it a little easier.”

Anessa Staten – Board President for Samaritan for Pets

The organization is still looking for volunteers to help with their event. To connect with Samaritan for Pets, individuals can leave a message on their Facebook page or call them at 304-919-8154 and their administrator will send more information via email.