MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va (WTRF) – Just in time for the holiday season, Moundsville is seeing even more economic growth with new businesses finding their home in the city. 

7News Anchor/Reporter Annalise Murphy spoke with the city manager and a business owner to learn more about the impact these businesses will have. 

Economic development is happening all over the city of Moundsville with the opening of new businesses and the repurposing of current ones. Each business brings their own unique products and services to the residents here in the city and visitors. Among the new businesses include all of these and the new car wash, Wash-Rite Express, and Re’Decorate Consignment has now moved to a new location right here on Jefferson Avenue. 

Contractors broke ground for the new Aldi’s store a few months ago and now, city manager Rick Healy says they are just a few short weeks from opening their doors.  

He said Aldi’s has told the city they expect to be open and serving the community by Thanksgiving.  

“This is going to give another alternative shopping destination for groceries, and I think that’s great for our residents. And it also is good for people coming into town.” 

Rick Healy | Moundsville City Manager

Another new business in Moundsville is the Wash-Rite Express Car Wash, which opened in August and already has 3000 members according to the general manager.  

Members pay a monthly fee, giving them access to unlimited car washes and other bonuses.  

Re’Decorate Consignment is now located at 318 Jefferson Avenue, and while their location may be “new” many of their products are antiques, homemade by other small businesses or repurposed in some way.  

Store Owner Ranae Teasdale says all her products have their own story, making them one of a kind.  

“I want people to be able to get what they want and to know that second hand is always first choice because it is made so good. I want them to know that not everything, antique or vintage is outrageously expensive.” 

Ranae Teasdale | Owner, Re’Decorate Consignment

Teasdale also has a monthly budget that allows her to buy furniture from other people to repurpose for her shop.  

Teasdale says her website is currently getting updates, but her business does have a Facebook that gets updates regularly.

To support her, follow the Re’Decorate Consignment Facebook page.