WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — The State of West Virginia has a new candidate for governor in the 2024 election.

Rashida Yost has entered her name into the 2024 election for Governor of West Virginia. 

Yost’s career experience includes working as an entrepreneur and as a childcare center director.

One of Yost’s biggest focuses, if she were elected, would be education reforms to bring in better-paying jobs and increase home ownership.

Yost also said that she is very passionate about providing help, resources, finances, tax cuts, and grants to small businesses.

She shared what the state would receive from her as governor and what she would bring to the table.

”As your governor, you come first, the children and the families. And then we can go out to work, when our families are owning homes, children are doing better in schools, the essential workers are coming back to work because their kids are going to be reimbursed with daycares. The investors are going to say hey West Virginia got it going, lets go invest.”

Rashida Yost – (R) WV Governor Candidate

As of now Yost will be running against 4 other republican candidates and one independent candidate.  

To find more on Candidate Yost you can visit her website at yost4governor.org.