MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– It has been a long time coming, but the city of McMechen has finally opened their new water plant for operation.  

Cleaner and safer water, that was the goal. 

Mayor David Goddard says it’s been a process, almost five years in the works and finally the new water plant is open.  

The piping that was put in part of this town was put in the 40s and it was made with lead and had deterioration and the piping itself was the main factor of all of that.

We put in a whole new water treatment system. The plant lines up to the new tanks, new wells and rehabilitation of other wells in all new lines on the West side of town.

David Goddard, Mayor, McMechen

He says they are one step in the right direction of improving their water system.  

Ryan Thorn, State Director of USDA rural development says it’s not every day that you get to be a part of such an impactful project like this one.  

What an incredible day it is to make investments in infrastructure. We’re talking about a $6.6 million water project right here in McMechen.

So anytime we can invest in a community, provide that community infrastructure safe, efficient, clean water to residents, that’s definitely a great day.

More than 800 folks are served by this water infrastructure, and I know from the Mayor that this is going to be phase one of many to upgrade the water infrastructure here in McMechen and we’re incredibly excited at USDA to be a part of that

Ryan Thorn, State Director, USDA Rural Development 

As an employee, this new equipment allows them to do their job more efficiently.  

Water Superintendent Bill Dove says you must have quality water for the community and now more than ever, it’s possible.  

The quality’s definitely improved. We’ve got two brand new wells, so all the testing is done on it. We monitor chlorine 24/7, which we didn’t before. It was just daily.

You did it once a day. We have alarms on her phone that go off anytime there is a problem.

Bill Dove, Water Superintendent  

He says now that phase one is complete they are focusing their efforts on the pipelines in the center of the town but keep in mind that projects like this don’t happen overnight.