ST. CLAIRSVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) – The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai’s Bobby Brown is Sensei Ron Thomas, and he brought his seminar experience right to Ohio. 

Thomas said himself, “There’s this old saying like, ‘When the student is ready the teacher will appear,’ but I also like to say that, you know, ‘When the teacher is ready, the students will appear.”

As an OG Cobra Kai, Taylor Martial Arts Academy students DID appear to gain Thomas’ insight into not only the best self-protection techniques, but also the reasoning behind them. 

“Most of your life you’re competing with yourself. You’re competing with life. Life will throw spin kicks at you and hit you in the head sometimes. Ask me how I know. You know, and it hurts, so mindset is everything.”

Sensei Ron Thomas – Actor, Motivational Speaker, Author, World Class Martial Artist

He also says that growing up working on The Karate Kid to being back with the cast of Cobra Kai is an experience he is grateful for every day.

Owner and instructor Zac Taylor reached out to Ron via social media, and said he was overjoyed to be able to bring his expertise to the Ohio Valley. 

“I started out as a kid,” said Taylor. “But even before I started, The Karate Kid was one of the main movies that made me want to take martial arts, so to have one of my like childhood idols here it’s just an absolutely amazing feeling and to be able to bring him here so that other people in the Valley can experience this has been great.”

Sensei Ron Thomas has had offers both nationally and internationally, but he says that spending time with people in the Ohio Valley as opposed to being in Southern California brings him back to why he does what he does. 

“It’s a lot different. However, it’s not so much different,” he emphasized. “We’re all human. We’re all dealing with the same struggles, the same issues. These are real people. Being here and being involved with these kids and being involved with people – For me, it’s awesome. I love doing this.”

Unlike Sensei Kreese, Ron Thomas commended Sabum Zac Taylor for his willingness to allow everyone into his dojo to share information and skills to last a lifetime. 

“We’re not focused on the sport. We’re focused on developing people mentally, physically for self-defense, so I think that sets us apart a little bit.”

Zac Taylor – Sabum “Instructor,” Taylor Martial Arts Academy

A little Cobra Kai piece of advice for all of you from an original Cobra Kai himself? 

“Strike first, strike hard, no mercy, you know. Keep striking hard in life and keep your head up and eyes forward.”