WHEELING, W.Va. — Oglebay Park has issued a statement in response to the ruling of the Urban Deer Culling to take place in November.

Oglebay states, “We would like to humbly thank our community supporters and Judge Cuomo for the recent ruling to dismiss.  This hunt is just one piece of our overarching strategic plan around the environmental stewardship of Oglebay. Moving forward, our goal remains intact to support our surrounding natural environment and the overall ecosystem.

The objective of the Limited Purpose Bow Hunt is to control the comprehensive deer population and curb the impact on limited resources in the immediate area.

To this end, we shall proceed and follow the directives and guidance provided by the West Virginia DNR.”

The president and CEO of the Wheeling Park Commission said the team at Oglebay is focused on the hunt and the main goal of protecting the park’s environment.

”There’s been a lot of misinformation that has been stated over the time throughout social media and even in the filings, and we just want to put that all behind us. And most important thing to the team here at Oglebay is that we focus forward on the environmental stewardship of the park, and the deer hunt is just one of those elements.”

Bob Peckenpaugh – President & CEO, Wheeling Park Commission

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