WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Tastebuds from all over came together at Oglebay this weekend for their first ever Gourmet Getaway

Guests enjoy a wine & cheese reception, a chef’s meet-n-greet breakfast, and a dinner featuring a culmination of the dishes showcased throughout the weekend. 

One unique aspect of this event was live demonstrations from five of the best local chefs invited in from around the Ohio Valley to show how some of the most notable local dishes are created. 

Oglebay’s executive chef says that this is a great opportunity for guests to learn firsthand in a classroom setting. 

”If I can ask the author of a book, ‘Hey, what do you mean?’ or, ‘How much? or, ‘How big is the bird?’ or, ‘What plate should I use?’ I think these are the questions which you can have and that makes it all a better experience to have a live conversation with the chef who is making it.”

Mirko Loeffler – Executive Chef, Oglebay Resort

Chef Mirko Loeffler got the idea to bring guest chefs to Wilson Lodge after being a guest chef at Oglebay Resort in Morgantown for four years with 200-300 guests. 

This year had such a great turnout that they plan to make Gourmet Getaway Weekend an annual event.