WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Ohio County Commissioners are reviewing provisional ballots from the midterm election Monday.

The three commissioners make up the Board of Canvass and their responsibility is to either object or sustain the provisional ballots.

Ohio County Administrator Randy Russell says commissioners reviewed about 100 ballots.

According to Russell, a voter can vote provisionally for a few reasons.

Two of those reasons include when you don’t vote for two presidential election cycles which would then in turn cancel out your vote preventing you from being able to cast your vote or when you move and don’t let the board of election know you have a change in address.

Voting is not only a privilege in this country it is an obligation and we wanna make sure that every vote cat that can be counted gets counted every election cycle.

Randy Russell, Ohio Co. Administrator

The Ohio County Board of Canvass is expected to certify the provisional ballots Monday.