HARRISON COUNTY, Ohio — The Ohio Department of Natural Resources announced an exciting trophy fishing opportunity for anglers in Ohio and West Virginia.

On September 25, Piedmont Lake will be restocked with more than 2,370 muskies from the London Hatchery in Madison County, Ohio.

This event recognizes six months’ worth of efforts by the fish management and hatchery staff to raise the fish to create trophy fishing opportunities in Ohio.

Annually, the Division of Wildlife stocks 20,000 muskellunge split between 9 Ohio reservoirs to create trophy fisheries.

Beginning in April, hatchery and fish management staff collect gametes from broodstock muskellunge in Leesville Lake.

Eggs are fertilized and brought back to London and Kincaid hatcheries, where they are hatched and raised to a size of 10-12 inches before being stocked in September.