Washington D.C. (WTRF) – It’s been just over five months since Russia invaded Ukraine, causing massive political turmoil across the world.

On Wednesday, the United States Senate voted overwhelmingly to approve a proposal to bring Sweden and Finland into NATO. Ohio Senator Rob Portman approves of adding them in, saying that these countries have a long history of supporting the United States.

A large concern regarding NATO countries the past few years was that many were not living up to their financial obligations, but Portman says that following the Trump presidency they have increased their support.

According to Portman, unlike some countries, Sweden and Finland are particularly useful.

“They invest a lot in their military, they have very sophisticated militaries. Finland’s Air Force is considered one of the best in the world, as an example. The Swedes have a lot of factories that make stuff that’s sold all over the world in terms of military hardware, and munitions and other things. So these are not just two more partners for us, they’re two really strong partners.”

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)

Portman believes that it is Russia’s goal to expand their borders to the Soviet-era boundaries. Since Sweden and Finland are so close to Russia, Portman says it will help the US to welcome them into NATO.