WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Country music star Loretta Lynn has died at age 90.

In the Ohio Valley, fellow country singer Slim LeHart shared the Jamboree stage with her many times.

He recalls talking over old times with her, every time she came to Wheeling to perform. He said she was a natural born performer.

He recalled one conversation that still makes him smile.

“Back in ’63, that’s when I met her, I had a picture taken with her back then,” LeHart said. “And so when she got back to the Jamboree here, well, I brought that picture and showed her. And you’ll never believe what she said. ‘I still have that dress!’ She was just a good country lady.”

LeHart said Loretta Lynn was “genuine—she never faked anything.” He said she had the courage of her convictions. He said several of her songs were controversial at the time, but she never backed down.

LeHart said he was sad to hear of her passing, but he was aware she had been in ill health.

“She’ll always be remembered as one of the greats of country music,” he concluded.