OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) — A popular event that brings hundreds out to see some pretty cool animals came back to the Ohio Valley this weekend.

The Ohio Valley Reptile Expo returned to The Highlands for the third time this year this weekend.

The event included several vendors who brought their snakes, lizards, tortoises, and much more to put on display for purchase.

The event was held at the Highlands Sports Complex, and many families came out to see the different reptiles on display.

One of the event’s directors says seeing the community come out is a unique experience for everyone.

”The whole family, you know, the adults, the kids, I like to see a smile on their face, I like to see them enjoy their self. I like to see them, you know, get together with the snakes and stuff like that and the reptiles and the lizards and tortoises. They got them wrapped around their heads, wrapped around their necks, their bodies and everything, you know. So it’s a pretty exciting situation we got running up here.” 

Michael Kandis | Co-Director, Ohio Valley Reptile Expo

The event ran all weekend from Friday to Saturday, and the directors thanked everyone for their support.