One gift simply doesn’t work for everyone

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WHEELING W.Va. (WTRF) Christmas is meant to be magical and fun for everyone, so when picking a gift for a child, you want to get something they’ll love. However, one gift simply doesn’t work for everyone.  

When getting a gift for a child with autism, some toys are better than others.  

Taylor Rys, Behavior Therapist at Augusta Levy Learning Center says there are specific things to keep in mind when shopping.  

Each kid has their own interests. It also kind of depends on each child’s triggers, so some children don’t like loud noises. So that might be something that you want to keep in mind when buying toys that play music or that make different sounds.

Taylor Rys, Behavior Therapist at Augusta Levy Learning Center

Rys says each child is different. However, with her experience, many children on the spectrum react well to sensory toys. 

A lot of our kinds like anything that is fine motor tasks and task completion things like peg puzzles or like stringing beads or lacing cards. Anything like that that’s working their hands.

Taylor Rys, Behavior Therapist at Augusta Levy Learning Center

Rys says, however, that isn’t always the case. She says over time they can grow to like toys that previously upset them so don’t immediately discard them. 

So, one thing to keep in mind also is that just because a kids might not like something that you’re trying to give them at this point, it might be something that they can build up tolerance to and help them with things in their daily lives.

There have been a lot of times where kids don’t really like something and then we kind of keep introducing it and representing it or maybe present it in a different way and then they eventually like it.

Taylor Rys, Behavior Therapist at Augusta Levy Learning Center

She says you can find these toys or variations of them almost everywhere.  

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