It’s an awful animal cruelty story we first brought you last year.
Five animals were locked in cages and left for so long all of them starved to death.
Now the lone survivor of that case has been living his life to the fullest.

Back in March of 2021 two men were arrested and charged with multiple felony counts of animal abuse.
But in the middle of that awful scene, Lucky managed to escape his cage and tried desperately to free his friends, but he couldn’t.

“We were so worried about Lucky because his condition, he was within moments of death himself, his bark was just barely audible by the time he was rescued.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – Jefferson County Humane Society Marketing Manager

Once he was nursed back to health, Lucky was adopted by a wonderful family who couldn’t believe anyone could treat such a kind hearted dog that way.

“I can’t really wrap my head around it I mean especially knowing his personality he’s just so full of love I mean I know I always say that but I’ve had dogs my whole entire life I’ve never not had a dog and he is just so loving.”

Nikki Kowalczyk – Lucky’s Owner

Nikki calls Lucky an important part of her family.
Her boys just adore him.
She says she couldn’t imagine a life without him.
She is so grateful that his life was saved and encourages others to speak up and report animal cruelty.

“Had someone not mentioned something about the mail and things at the house he may never have been found, so if in doubt just reported and have someone check it out, you might save several lives.”

Nikki Kowalczyk – Lucky’s Owner

Brandi says Lucky is an inspiration for all cases like this.

“He is our poster child of what happens whenever we come together to save these lives and Lucky, is living life to the fullest. You would never know by meeting him now what all he had endured in his past.”

Brandi DeNoon-Damewood – Jefferson County Humane Society Marketing Manager

Again if you see something suspicious or witness animal abuse, officials are urging you to report it.
You could be the one to save a life just like Lucky’s.