ALTOONA, Pa (WTAJ) — Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Carrie DelRosso, made a stop in Blair County Thursday and spoke one-on-one with our Jordan Tracy.  

During the primary, DelRosso touted her experience as a small business owner. She says the first step to battling inflation and supporting the economy in Pennsylvania is to open the energy sector.  

She explained, “Pennsylvania is one of the best climates for energy right now in the whole entire country. We need to make sure that we are opening up our energy sector. I think it would open up, you know, continued manufacturing here in Pennsylvania, which then brings back down to small-town business.

The Pennsylvania State Education Association has been making stops around the state at local school districts, criticizing the Mastriano campaign’s education plan. They claim under a Doug Mastriano administration there would be a cut that would result in the loss of nearly 119,000 jobs statewide and would more than double the teacher-to-student ratios in Pennsylvania public schools.

In response, DelRosso detailed, “I’m a state representative and Senator Mastriano voted for an increase of almost $850 million right now in the state of Pennsylvania and to increase our funding for education. We want our students to be funded. The problem is, is the apparatus isn’t working. I think it’s important right now that parents have more voice in their education rather than the apparatus of PSEA or any lobbying organization right now.”

It’s no secret that Sen. Mastriano and his campaign limit the amount of local media interviews they do. Rep. DelRosso was asked if voters should be concerned about transparency in a Mastriano administration if elected. She says, “My thought is that don’t try to, you know, lie and twist and do things. Right now, the Mastriano campaign is very open to have discussions, but we want it on neutral terms. And I think that’s exactly why we’re doing this interview today.”

DelRosso was asked about Sen. Mastriano and what she wants people to know about him that voters might not have had the chance to learn due to the limited access.  

She explained, “We talk almost every day. He’s not what people think. It’s unfortunate. But, he is not an extremist. He’s actually for the people and he wants freedom. He’s going to give us back what Pennsylvania deserves and I’m proud to run with him.”

WTAJ has reached out and will continue to reach out to Sen. Mastriano’s campaign. So far, no interview request has been granted.