St. Clairsville, OH. (WTRF) – In the women’s 5A 100 meter dash, Steubenville’s Sabria Jones came out on top with a time of 12.42 seconds.

In the 4-A boys 100 meter dash, Cambridge’s Jonah Stranberry got the win with a time of 11.16 seconds.

In the men’s 5-A 4 by 2 relay, the Big Red got a victory with a time of just over a minute and a half.

St. Clairsville won in the women’s 4A 100 meter relay with a time of 52.17 seconds.

In the 5-A 4 X 100, Morgantown was the winner with a time of 50.62 seconds.

Matthew Greenlief from Oak Glen won in the 4-A 400 Meter dash with a time of 52.45 seconds.

There will be more action at St. Clairsville High School on Tuesday.