BARNESVILLE, Ohio (WTRF) — Over 300 participants came out for an event that showcased many historic and modern cars this weekend. 

Barnesville, Ohio, held its antique car show today at Barnesville High School.

The show featured a large variety of cars, from historic muscle cars to original vehicles and some modern cars.

The first 300 participants receive a pumpkin trophy that is a staple at the event.

On top of that trophy, the show gives out over 100 other trophies in various categories, including one for the best car of the show.

The coordinator for the show shared how unique the show is and why it is so special to have here in the Ohio Valley. 

”We get quality cars here that you don’t see at a lot of shows that I host in Columbus or Kentucky or West Virginia because all the old coal miners and mill workers kept their old Camaros and their old Chevelles. And we’ve got there’s more high-end cars just in this little Barnesville area than most of the United States.”

Dan Longenette | Show Coordinator

The coordinator said one goal for the future is to get 400-500 participants and continue to make the show bigger each year.