New Martinsville, W.Va. (WTRF) —

Healthcare workers are standing up against their company’s vaccine mandate — when many of them may be left jobless after tonight.

Workers with the Genesis New Martinsville Center say they only had a 3-week-notice to get vaccinated for COVID — or else they would get fired.

They already filed Labor Board charges against the company and pushed to negotiate, but they claim the healthcare center wouldn’t budge.

Meanwhile, the workers are defending what they believe is their right to negotiate.

“They’re breaking the law. A company shouldn’t have the right to break the law like that. We have filed Labor Board Charges against them. All we’re asking is for them to be fair and to negotiate with us.”

Don Barnett, Organizer for SEIU District 1199

“It’s a huge concern, not only for our jobs but for our residents. They’re not going to get the care that they need. We’re short-staffed already, so this is gonna make a us low-staffed as it is. This is going to make a huge dent in our staffing.”

Lisa Leek, healthcare worker protesting mandatory COVID vaccinations

“They won’t negotiate with us. They just automatically mandated the vaccine. I’ve been here for going on 30 years, and I lose my job at midnight tonight. It’s a big concern. I lose my job and my insurance.”

Tammy Williams, healthcare worker protesting mandatory COVID vaccinations

The workers protesting also believe vaccinations should be encouraged, but voluntary — at least until employers and the federal and state governments protect all workers from the financial and medical effects of the virus and vaccine.

7News reached out to the Genesis New Martinsville Center and was told management had already left for the day. We will continue to reach out.