WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — We may live in a time of tension and division, but the response to Hurricane Ian has proven that Americans still care about each other.

Supplies have moved in from all over the country, with some of them being carried in Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration trucks from Wheeling.

As far back as Hurricane Irene in 2011, they’ve been providing backup to their contractor friends as they air out drenched buildings.

But this time, they’ll be picking up the pieces close to their own offices in Sarasota, Florida.

On Wednesday morning, the first tractor-trailers of fans, dehumidifiers and air purifiers pulled out of 38th Street.

That evening more trucks were sent on their way…and another round will be leaving tonight.

Their goal is to get hospitals and government buildings partially operational, because they feel a duty to their southern neighbors.

So it’s a little different when it’s far away, but yet it’s still our family, our Panhandle family that we’re helping, and our community that we support. These are the churches that our employees go to, the hospitals our employees go to, so we feel it’s our community still, just like if something happened here.

Josh Contraguerro, Vice President of Specialty Services

Panhandle wants all their clients to know their response times will not be affected up here if you have an emergency.

They just have some extra manpower that can best be put to use in the Sunshine State.