Today is the day the state’s new permitless carry law went into effect.

Law enforcement officers want the public to know that doesn’t mean everyone is allowed to carry a concealed weapon.

For instance, only citizens of Ohio can carry without a permit.

Not fugitives, or anyone with a warrant out on them. There are many other exclusions.

You gotta be 21 years of age, not a fugitive, not subject to a protection order, or dishonorably discharged from the service, convicted of a felony, of a drug arrest, act of violence which would be a domestic.

Anyone found by a court to be mentally ill or who’s been hospitalized for mental illness can’t carry a gun.

Even a misdemeanor conviction, if it involved violence within the last 3 years, means you can’t carry a gun in Ohio.

You also can’t take a gun into a courthouse.

Or into any business or residence where the owner has restricted firearms.

Sheriff Lucas says if you violate these laws, you could face criminal charges.