PITTSBURGH, PA (WTRF)– Baseball season is here, and passionate fans are eager to get back into the swing of things.  

Fans have been piling in all day for the Buc’s home opener, taking full advantage of that $4.12 ticket. 

One fan told WTRF he drove all the way in from New York because he just had to see the iconic PNC Park.  

It’s just one of the most beautiful ballparks out there. I think it is my number one honestly. I just love Pittsburgh. I come here just about every year.

I think it’s been six or seven straight years I’ve been coming down here just to catch a few ball games and see what Pittsburgh is all about.

Shawn Rowe, New York 

He says nothing beats the 412’s beautiful view.  

Pirates fans are hoping for a winning season and with a young roster, today is a fresh start. 

I just want to see our young guys get experience. May they get hot, get used to Major league play and kind of use this season as a building block for next year.

Brain Miller, Pittsburgh 

Fans line every corner waving flags, repping jerseys and of course tailgating for the big game.  

From young to old, it is a day that everyone enjoys.  

One couple says they never miss a Buc’s home opener.  

This has been the 20th opening day I’ve been to. I’ve been going since I graduated college so. It is a game we don’t miss, and we go to about twenty games every year, so we enjoy coming down to the games.

Zachary Haigis, North Huntington 

Now fans say the home opener in Pittsburgh is about more than just the game.

Between the food, drink, and all the other festivities it’s a Yinzer tradition.