Famous porn star and content creator Mia Khalifa was fired from Playboy after she gave support to Hamas after its attack on Isreal.

“If you can look at the situation in Palestine and not be on the side of Palestinians, then you are on the wrong side of apartheid, and history will show that in Time,” Khalifa said on Twitter/X.

Before the tweet was deleted, Khalifa also posted a photo of Hamas terrorists calling it a “Renaissance painting.”

On Monday, Playboy sent an email out to subscribers saying they let Khalifa go

“We are writing today to let you know of our decision to terminate Playboy’s relationship with Mia Khalifa, including deleting Mia’s Playboy channel on our creator platform. Mia has made disgusting and reprehensible comments celebrating Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the murder of innocent men, women and children. At Playboy, we encourage free expression and constructive political debate, but we have a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech,”

Khalifa was with Playboy since 2022.