WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A monument that was first put in place in 1937 to honor Fort Van Metre eventually disappeared and was believed to have been stolen. 

Today, November 4, the Wheeling Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter rededicated the monument to its original location.

Major Samuel McColloch was the commander of Fort Van Metre during the American Revolution. 

The Wheeling chapter of DAR, the Ohio County Commission, and the Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation all gathered the funds to replace the stolen plaque and return it to its original location.

One of the members of the Wheeling chapter shared the importance of rededication. 

”The only reason that we are free today is because of these men and women who fought for us and to make sure that they are honored and not forgotten is so important to keep history alive here in Wheeling because there’s so much.” 

Debi Smith | Honorary Chapter Regent, Wheeling Chapter DAR

A formal ceremony was held that included an invocation from Lisa McNeil, the chapter regent, and a speech about Fort Van Metre by Joe Roxby.