(WTRF) – The mass shooting in Maine has once again renewed calls from politicians in Washington to implement more restrictive forms of gun control.

In a speech on Thursday, Vice President Kamala Harris explicitly pushed for mass gun confiscation, citing Australia’s gun laws, urging Congress to pass bans on “assault weapons” and “high-capacity magazines.” She also argued for more stringent background checks and red flag laws.

7NEWS spoke with West Virginia Congressman Alex Mooney about the shooting today, who says he is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He’s calling for tougher enforcement of laws currently on the book as opposed to punishing law-abiding citizens.

“We need to enforce all crime and support our police. So strongly support the police and all the law enforcement units are going to go arrest this man and other criminals who hurt people around the world…The issue here is enforcing crime, stopping criminals, not taking away law-abiding citizens’ 2nd Amendment rights.”

Rep. Alex Mooney (W.V. 2nd Congressional District, R-WV)

Congressman Mooney is currently running for West Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat that’s currently held by Senator Joe Manchin.

Right now Mooney is facing off against Governor Jim Justice in the Republican primary set for May of 2024. The winner of the Republican primary will run against the Democrat nominee the following November.

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