BELLAIRE, Ohio (WTRF) — The term “she shed” generally means the female equivalent of a man cave—a place where a busy woman can relax for a while, uninterrupted by the needs of family or job.

But in Bellaire, there’s a new She Shed, outside the Salvation Army, that is serving women’s needs in a different way.

It looks like a tiny house.

It’s brightly decorated, heated and air conditioned.

It was the idea of Major Norma Patrick and Major Louis Patrick.

It’s a free store, filled with items that women need—including feminine products—that are not often acknowledged in most giveaways.

“You can’t get this on food stamps,” said Major Louis Patrick. “You can’t get this any other way. This is something that women need. So then we extended it. We saw some journals and we thought maybe women would like to journal. We saw some deodorant, and thought maybe they could use deodorant. Maybe they could use some other feminine products that we saw in the stores. And we decided, let’s make this Sally’s She Shed.”

They also have socks, shampoo, underwear, toothbrushes and toothpaste, disposable razors and body wash.

They hope to see the idea catch on in other communities.

Anyone in need is urged to call the Bellaire Salvation Army at (740) 676-6225, and they’ll get an appointment to shop for free at the She Shed.

You can also donate items to the She Shed by calling that number.