Washington D.C. (WTRF) – The Federal government continues to push the public to adopt “greener” forms of transportation, like electric vehicles. While EVs have risen in popularity, they still tend to be very expensive.

We spoke to Ohio Republican Senator JD Vance, who has been vocal in his opposition to credits toward EVs. He notes that a huge part of the manufacturing base for EVs remains China, our biggest geopolitical rival.

He says this focus on EVs hurts Americans working in the automotive industry, and strengthens our enemy.

“People have to get to work, they have to take their kids to school, they have to have transportation all across our state. And if they can’t afford a car because we’re sending billions of dollars to China, that’s a lose-lose proposition. That’s strengthening China, at the expense of American middle class buyers.”

Sen. JD Vance, (R-OH)

Vance also notes that cars in general are very expensive right now; both EV and gasoline-powered vehicles.

He has been encouraging the striking UAW workers to reject the Biden Administration’s push for EV credits, which he says hurt the jobs they’re trying to protect.