OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– Thousands of residents throughout Marshall and Ohio County woke up without electricity this morning and unfortunately many of them were left with a hefty amount of damage.   

Electric companies have called for backup but say there is not a clear estimate of when the lights will be turned back on.  

The brutal high winds destroyed roofs and even shattered windows.  

For many people they were forced to spend the day cleaning up the mess that the storm left behind.  

One local business owner says he was shocked when he arrived at work and saw his store had been heavily damaged.   

I came in and didn’t think anything of it. Parked in my normal spot and looked and my garage door was blown through on the back of the building, the metal garage door was blown through. I didn’t even notice these windows were gone completely.

Then I came and opened the door and both windows were gone… We have U-Hauls rented today. We have appointments for people. There is nothing we can do we don’t have electricity. We don’t have lifts. We don’t have air tools.

Larry Witzberger, Owner, ASAP Auto Care

Power companies are working tirelessly to get things back on.   

Joelle Moray, external affairs manager for AEP says reinforcement have been coming in all day to assist their teams.

This is going to be what we consider an all-hands-on deck situation. We’re getting crews from other areas. So, we are expecting to get about 100 additional crews from the Virginia area.

Joelle Moray, external affairs manager for AEP

For those who are lucky enough to have a backup generator, only connect the critical items such as your refrigerator.   

When you connect your generator to your fuse both there is the opportunity then for there to be kind of back feed onto the grid which can actually be really dangerous for line workers as they are restoring power… If you are using a generator, only have it plugged in directly to those things that you are looking to power.

Joelle Moray, external affairs manager for AEP

She also says make sure lights and fans are switched off.  

The company’s power outage maps will be constantly changing so Moray says don’t entirely rely on them. 

Safety should be your number one so be extremely cautious.  

Moray just informed 7New that Wheeling Hospital now has power.  

Downtown Wheeling on Water, Main, Market Street from 10th-16th is back on and parts of Elm Grove have been restored.