CENTRE HALL, Pa. (WTAJ)– Democratic candidate for governor Josh Shapiro made a stop at the Grange Fair this afternoon. Shapiro is continuing to ramp up his ground game, now just 73 days from election day.

“I was in Perry and Juniata, Mifflin, here in Centre County, I’ll be in Venango County shortly,” said Shapiro. “And we are just seeing great enthusiasm, quite frankly, in areas that haven’t always supported folks from my party.”

Shapiro says that as he moves across the state, he’s seen a lot of parallels in the issues that people are facing, despite where they may live. One of the biggest of these issues, he says, is affordable internet access.

“One is urban, one is rural. One has small storefronts, one has got a lot of farms. And yet they both have the same challenges. As governor, I’m going to make sure that everyone is connected to high-speed, affordable internet. And so you hear challenges like that across Pennsylvania, where the communities may look a little bit different, but the issues are the same.”

At the fair and across the state, Shapiro says that he hopes to gain a better understanding of what those working in the agricultural industry need. He says that farmers are an essential part of his economic plan.

“You can not grow the economy in Pennsylvania, without increasing our support and investment in farms. Making sure that farmers have access to capital, making sure they have access to the technical services needed, whether for loans or grants or to expand their farming operations.”

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    Shapiro faces off against Republican candidate Doug Mastriano this November for Governor of Pennsylvania.