WEIRTON, W.Va. (WTRF) – “I have a dream.” 

Those were the famous words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. exactly 59 years ago, and Shiloh Apostolic Faith Assembly is using this message to celebrate their 94th Church Anniversary, as well. 

Coming together in song and fellowship, the West Liberty University choir made a special guest appearance that Bishop Darrell Cummings says is the perfect representation for what today means. 

“We brought different races of people together, which is the purpose of the church and the march and to say that we have a better world together than we do apart.”

Dr. Darrell Cummings – Pastor of Shiloh Apostolic Faith Assembly

West Liberty University Choir Director, Dr. Douglas McCall, says in agreement that the opportunity to share a passion for music with this community on such a special day was heartwarming. 

“It’s just good to experience other cultures and other, you know, places where song is held. Probably, I think, the most wonderful experience we had today was participating in the service before Dr. Cummings arrived, where they saw the community lifting up song and it wasn’t about being a trained singer or singing in choir. It was letting your love of music flow, and to be able to see folks enjoying the sharing of music in that way.”

Dr. Douglas McCall – Director of Choirs at West Liberty University

Dr. Cumming’s main message today was “to be different” and to not be afraid to go against the grain. 

He says that this outlook is what today’s celebration of the church’s 94th anniversary and the 59th anniversary of the March on Washington should leave everyone with. 

“Dr. Martin Luther King was different, and, in my belief, Jesus was different and we have to be willing to be different. Somebody might say I’m different and we need to be willing for the good, for the sacrifice, for the something that is beyond just my comfort – willing to do something that’s different to help make a better world.”

Dr. Darrell Cummings – Pastor of Shiloh Apostolic Faith Assembly

Following the sermon, everyone gathered downstairs for dinner and to continue their celebration of togetherness.