Roads all over Belmont County are under a blanket of snow.

Because it’s such a large county geographically, there are many different conditions, depending on where you are.

Even where the roads have been plowed, that doesn’t mean it’s a good day for a drive.

Because under the six to nine inches of snow is a layer of ice.

That’s why Belmont County is under a level two driving emergency.

Chief Deputy James Zusack has been in contact with Belmont County 911.

They said there aren’t many crashes with vehicles hitting each other.

What they’re seeing is a different type of highway emergency.

“People are sliding off the roadways, and getting towed out of ditches,” said Zusack. “If you don’t have to go anywhere, don’t go anywhere. Other than that, if you have to go out, just be safe on the roadways. The roads are bad. If you don’t have to be out, don’t be out.”

Colerain residents have reported that they measured about 7 inches of snow on their porch, and several feet of snow farther out on their property where it has drifted.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports the same situations as Chief Zusack mentioned—that vehicles are sliding right off the roads.

Tow truck drivers are being kept busy.