Spooky encounter kicks off a 20-year love of the paranormal for one local couple

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(WTRF) – Most of the year he’s the behind-the-scenes brain that keeps 7News on the air. But when spooky season rolls around, our Chief Engineer Brad Stanford pulls out an entirely different set of gear. He and his wife have been in search of spirits for decades.

“You almost never see anything when you’re there. You take the pictures, you take the video, you look at the meters and see what you get. Ann then when you get back home, unload all that into the computer and that’s when you catch them.”

Brad Stanford, WTRF Chief Engineer

With an equipment arsenal of thermal imaging sensors, infrared, PKE meters, cameras and more.
Brad Stanford and his wife go ghost hunting multiple times a year. One of their favorite spots…and the place where it all started hiking down a trail….is Gettysburg.

“So we get to the first turn in the serpentine trail and I said to my wife, let’s shut the light off.” At first they saw nothing. But then he says, “Shut the light off and this time she says ‘do you see that?’ and there was something in the woods.” Further on down the trail, is where they had their first encounter.

“Turn the light off and whatever this was, which had a perfect outline of a soldier, was about 10 foot away from us in the woods. My wife grabs the flashlight and takes off running to the car and leaves me there.”

Brad Stanford, WTRF Chief Engineer

That accidental encounter started a 20-year love of the paranormal. And they even search for the spirits staying in some of the most haunted hotels.

“The light went out and there was two stand lights beside the bed. The light out and I looked down and the uh the plug was out of the wall and I’m like ok. Well, being an engineer I’m like uh oh there’s something wrong here. So, I said something to the lady uh at the inn about hey you need to maybe have your receptacles checked. And she said why and I said well the plugs kept coming out of the wall. She says no no no. That’s the little spirit child that runs around here that’s very mischievous.”

Brad Stanford, WTRF Chief Engineer

Brad says it takes patience, and you won’t see something every time. But when you do…it makes for spine chilling thrills. He says, “A couple weeks later I’m looking at it and there is from here up behind the stone wall, the perfect image of a soldier.”

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