Brilliant, OHIO (WTRF) – Every haunted house has a few spooky things or a jump scare here and there….But in the Ohio Valley, there’s only one that rocks.

The Wells Township Haunted House combines a unique blend of horror and heavy metal to create a symphony of destruction that will make you want to run to the hills…

Ghosts, demons and distorted guitars. The Wells Township Haunted House offers a Halloween party experience that you won’t find anywhere else. As Sean Norman tells me, “You know you’re about to get your butt kicked when you go inside the Wells Township Haunted House.”

“We’ve got the big party atmosphere going on outside with the live bands on stage, the burn barrels; when you get here you don’t have to stand in line, you can hang out, watch the bands, shop at the gift shop, get a hot dog. When your number shows up on the number board in you go. The whole atmosphere changes, you know it’s about to get real.”

SEAN NORMAN, President, Wells Township Haunted House

The fun and unique vibe of the waiting area outside continues once you make your way in. Unlike other haunted houses, Wells Township offers a guided tour through a variety of creative and terrifying scenes with spectacular acting and incredible special effects. You can enjoy a spooky circus, a séance, and even get a live reading of the Necronomicon….just beware of the Evil Dead.

“We’ve got moving floors, stuff that moves you up and down, forward backward. We’ve got Donkey Kong for crying out loud. We’ve got Donkey Kong in a haunted house. When you go in you’ll realize, ok, that was Donkey Kong but that wasn’t supposed to happen, you know what I mean? It’s good stuff.”

SEAN NORMAN, President, Wells Township Haunted House

The show even features an interactive element, where viewers around the world can see if you’re an Iron Man, or a Kip Winger fan. But if you think people on the Internet have your best interests at heart….you’ve got another thing coming.

“One room in there is live on Twitch, they’re actually broadcasting live on Twitch. And there’s a few hundred people watching every night that get to pick how you, um, well they get to pick your demise. We’ll just use it that way.”

SEAN NORMAN, President, Wells Township Haunted House

But despite the big scares, it’s all about having some Halloween fun.

“We’re in a hot bed of haunted attractions right here in the tri-state. Go to them all man, go check them all out, because everything’s different. You’re going to find something at every one that you like. We like to think ours is different from everybody else’s, I’ve been to several, there’s something about every one that I like. But I really, maybe I’m biased, but I like ours the most.”

SEAN NORMAN, President, Wells Township Haunted House

The Wells Township Haunted House will be open until November 5. For information on tickets and a lineup of bands, check out their website, and you can also find them on Facebook.

Spooky Steve is currently lost backstage at a concert venue in Cleveland.