OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – This Thursday is the 2022 Ohio Valley Heart Walk, and the American Heart Association says that even a single story and teach and provide hope for millions affected by heart disease and strokes.

Beverly “Bev” Crawford had a stroke 9 years ago.

The stroke happened as Bev was driving to work, and eventually made her way to the ER with her daughter. Her speech was off, and she was having trouble controlling her limbs. Perhaps the most frightening part of the ordeal was that doctors initially didn’t know what was wrong.

An MRI eventually revealed a full blown stroke, and she spent the next 4 to 5 days in the hospital.

“Not being able to pick up a pen and sign your name, that’s, it scared me. But then once I knew, I felt much better about it. Because then I knew they could get to it, get me better.”

Beverly “Bev” Crawford, Stroke Survivor

She didn’t have any medical coverage, so work served as a form of physical therapy, and she says that helped her regain use of her arm. These days Bev says she feels great, despite some minor issues.

This grandmother of 10 works for a local family cleaning business, she loves karaoke, and has also been a DJ. She encourages all people to know the signs of a stroke, and wishes she would have known back then.

The 2022 Ohio Valley Heart Walk is this Thursday at Wheeling Park. You can register here. I will also be emceeing the event.