WEST LIBERTY, W.Va. (WTRF)– As the West Liberty Hilltoppers took the court in Evansville, Indiana, Thursday, their fellow students were with them in spirit.

It was a packed house at the watch party in the student union.

Black and gold were the predominant colors as they watched the ‘Toppers on the big screen.

There was plenty of team spirit, as well as chips and dips.

“I can’t wait to watch on Saturday,” said sophomore James Salvatori. “I mean, it’s gonna be a fun time and I hope it’s gonna be the same environment that we have here.”

“I am very excited,” said sophomore Chloe Palmer. “I always come and watch the basketball games. My friends and I went to IUP for the three days in a row and this is just awesome. I love it.”

“This week we spent a little time putting together watch parties, having dips and chips and sodas, some spirit items for our students to come and be out of their dorms in the union to celebrate with their fellow Hilltoppers, cheering on our ‘Toppers,” said Kate Billings, director of Student Life.

When the ‘Toppers finished with a win, there were lots of cheers.

Now they’re already planning Saturday’s watch party.