NEW MARTINSVILLE, W.Va. (WTRF) — Tie Dye is the dress code of the day, and if you’re looking for good music, good food, and just an all-around good time, you’re going to want to come out to the Back Home Festival in New Martinsville.

The 5th annual Back Home Festival is doing just as its name suggests – bringing the festival goers of New Martinsville back home.  

It is also bringing in tons of tourists to support the award-winning artists that are set to play, shop at some local vendors, and have a good bite to eat. 

“Well, we love music. We love live music, and we haven’t really been able to go to any festivals for a while because of COVID, and we heard about this one and it was free, so we made the seven and a half hour drive to come.” 

Crystal Kirby and Lauren Hurst – Virginia Residents

It is not often that a music festival like this one has free admission, and the MC for the weekend, Josh Weekley, says that he takes pride in this being the biggest free music festival in the state. 

“Well, you know I’ve lived in this town my entire life, aside from going to college for a few years, and if you would have told me as an 18-year-old kid that this would happen for free on my main street, I would have never believed it. So, we are here putting on a free show with some nationally touring acts of some music that I personally like, and it’s bringing people in from all over. It’s great for tourism. It’s great for the town – putting us on the map. We’re happy about it.” 

Josh Weekley – Master of Ceremonies

Bringing people together through music is the Back Home Festival’s goal, and over the course of its two-day run, it has seen nearly 20,000 music lovers, and even some familiar faces from years past, like Taven Causey. 

“I was here last year, and it was one of the best times I’ve had and my first festival in general. This is her first year and it’s always a good time. You’re connected with like-minded people and just being yourself and dancing and having a good time. It’s great.” 

Taven Causey – West Virginia Resident

It just takes showing up to get in on all of the fun, and you might even meet a friendly face along the way to teach you a thing or two. 

If you plan on coming to the Back Home Festival in New Martinsville later tonight, they are for sure going to ‘hoop’ you in.