(WTRF)–Dads, they pick you up when you fall.  

They teach you the difference between right and wrong and of course they make you laugh.  

This day is dedicated to all of the amazing Father’s in our lives.  

One thing dads are known for is giving a good pep talk and handing out some good advice.  

7News spoke with a few community members to see what they have learned over the year from their dad and father figures. 

The biggest piece of advice that I learned from my grandpa is being able to be confident in uncomfortable situations.

Jon Russell, Ohio County 

Always stay with God. Always.

Helena Christman, Ohio County  

So, the best advice that my dad gave me is to always help a friend and never leave a stranger stranded.

Lukas Dewitt, Ohio County

7News reporter Ashley Kaiser says the biggest takeaway from all of the things he has taught her over the year is to be a hard worker.

From all of the 7News staff, Happy Father’s Day.