They’re connected to one of the most prominent missing persons cases in the Ohio Valley.

The Chaos Divers are back in the Ohio Valley.

Months ago, they discovered the car belonging to Brian Goff and Joni Davis, and now they’re working on more cold cases connected to the Ohio River.

Following leads just like the one that led to Brian Goff and Joni Davis last November.

The Chaos Divers want to bring peace to the families who are missing loved ones.

“A lot of people missing for a long time. You know anyone missing with a vehicle, it’s high potential they are in the water. It started with environmental clean up and it’s turned into this. They are finding people on accident now they’re doing it purposely, traveling the country, and try to bring closure to families.”

Joshua Hammon – Local Contact Chaos Divers

Officials say they found roughly 13 vehicles in the Ohio River from a green buoy to the train bridge.

The case they’re working now is this man Charles Hanlon.. he has been missing since 1999.

They believe a truck that is linked to Hanlon is one of the vehicles they located on Monday.

Chaos Divers are also looking for a woman who’s last cell phone ping was from the location of the marina.

“They weren’t able to pull identification off of it whenever they were here last fall. So they are going to pull the vehicle and see if they can get a vin off of it. They’re looking for Karen Adams who went missing out of Mountaineer Race Track, it’s been 15 years ago last month.”

Joshua Hammon – Local Contact Chaos Divers

The Chaos Divers marked the vehicles with magnets and a floating buoys and they are pulling several vehicles out of the water. Green’s Towing pulled them out the rest of the way.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla Jr. says they are ecstatic the Chaos Divers came. He says they wouldn’t be able to tackle this kind of project alone.

“If we can offer closure to a family by what we are doing here today, that’s great, and if it helps us in furthering our investigations, well that’s great too. But the main thing is trying to put closure to some of these things so that families can have some peace.”

Sheriff Fred Abdalla Jr. – Jefferson County Sheriff Department

Diving officials also say getting these cars out of the river is good for the environment.

Their work here is a collaboration between the Chaos Divers, Depths of History, the Jefferson County Sheriffs office, Toronto Fire, and other local agencies.

If you wish to learn more about the Chaos Divers and how to get involved you can go to their meet and greet on Wednesday from 2 to 6 PM at the Steubenville Marina picnic area.