“Where originality is cast, forged, made into real.” 

That’s what The Foundry has become for its brand-new owners, and anyone looking for a good cocktail in Wheeling. 

The original bar on Jacob Street in South Wheeling has been long-standing, and owner Rebecca Stone’s son, Jared, saw potential in the structure. 

“He had a vision of the building. It has been a bar – we had traced it back to 1969 it has always been a bar here, and Jared had a vision to “Hey, let’s go for it. Let’s purchase this and remodel it and make it a place – a different place than what it used to be.”

Rebecca Stone – Owner & Manager of The Foundry

Total restoration was in order on the inside, starting with everything from the floors, to the bar to the walls, while still incorporating hints of the area’s industrial history into the décor. 

What didn’t need much work was the drink menu, and bar manager David Kotovsky says they take pride in their cocktails using only fresh juices, and hand-pureed fruits for the most authentic flavor. 

“Finding a gathering spot and a bar that has the ability to make cocktails with quality ingredients – that was our intent.”

David Kotovsky – Bar Manager

With a delicious cocktail menu and brand-new renovations, the potential of The Foundry’s location is bound to soar from here. 

“More people should look at this area, and I think if you look at Center Wheeling, look where that has come. I mean, there was a lot that was done with Center Wheeling and we’re really close in proximity. Let’s get the same thing going with South Wheeling. I’m all for it.”

Rebecca Stone – Owner & Manager of The Foundry

The first-time, family-owned Foundry is a vision turned into reality, and they are welcoming you with open arms and full glasses.