Weirton, W.Va. (WTRF) – “Home for the Holidays” just doesn’t have the same ring it used to.

For two years now, more people than ever have skipped the trip to grandma’s house for Christmas, leading to empty chairs at the table and fewer faces circled around the tree to open gifts.

But the isolation that’s touched all of us hits hospital patients especially hard in December—which is how Trinity Health and the Weirton Holiday Inn worked together to bring back that human touch.

Actually the Holiday Inn reached out to Trinity and extended a human kindness moment.

Laurie Labishak, Director of Marketing and Communications

When I instantly reached out to the contacts at Trinity, they were ecstatic, I was excited, and then the energy level built up.

Brad Degenkolb, Director of Sales, Weirton Holiday Inn

They’re talking about a new program that will open the hotel doors to those who need them the most.

This weekend complimentary rooms will be given to out-of-town families of Trinity patients for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The organizers say that way, those who can’t go home this time of year will have their home brought to them.

Being in the hospital is difficult at any time, but during the holidays it really creates additional stress for families, and especially families who are traveling from out of town to visit with their loved ones who are in the hospital on Christmas.

Laurie Labishak, Director of Marketing and Communications

The plan was the result of finding a way to cope with COVID—just like the rest of the world.

Holiday Inn has worked with Trinity in the Chamber of Commerce for years, so when it came time to share their success after a busy year, they knew who to partner with.

When you’re in the hotel business or the hospital business, it’s 24/7/365. So we’ll make it work, to make the guests as comfortable as possible here at the hotel if they need the accommodations.

Brad Degenkolb, Director of Sales, Weirton Holiday Inn

And with that—some of the anxiety of visiting a hospital-bound loved one is lifted.

This is only the first year of the two companies’ Christmas offering, but they’re eager to continue it in the future—because the holiday spirit can come alive in a hospital room just as easily as in a living room.

The hospitality business is about taking care of your guests.

Brad Degenkolb, Director of Sales, Weirton Holiday Inn

All an interested family has to do if they’re interested in a room is talk to the nurses on their floor or call 740-283-7296.