WELLSBURG, W.Va (WTRF) – It took on the atmosphere of a big party.  

It was a fantastic day for Brilliant, Ohio, and Wellsburg, W.Va., as thousands of people from both sides of the river celebrated. 

Spanning the length of the bridge is a variety of activities like food vendors, live music, and a car show.  

People were even walking from one side of the bridge to the other, amazed they could get to Brilliant or Wellsburg in just minutes.  

The Brooke High School Marching Band and Choir also performed to celebrate a day many people have been looking forward to for decades.  

The Wellsburg Chamber of Commerce was also there selling commemorative coins that had the bridge on one side and the state of Ohio and West Virginia on the other. 

“It’s a great idea to have a bridge across here because it will save people a lot of time to get over to Wellsburg. Maybe it will bring some new businesses for Wellsburg and Follansbee because we need them. I go to Bellaire and stuff so it will be good for me. “

Denny Ohler | Wellsburg Native 

“My mom was Miss Ohio River, and she was one of three girls that christened the Fort Henry Bridge when it opened. I’m so excited to be part of this history and remembering my mom talking about the history she was involved in in Wheeling.”

Alberta Keller | Wellsburg Resident

Seeing the bridge built over the last few years is something many people have enjoyed and say they will remember for years to come.