FOLLANSBEE, W. Va. (WTRF) – The organization that presents Follansbee’s Christmas In The Park program reached out to Trinity Health System this year. And they formed a partnership.

Trinity officials said they love the way the event raises funds and helps the community, so they got on board with the project.

When the festival unfolds on Oct. 8 and 9 at the Follansbee Park, Trinity will be part of the activities.

We are also bringing to the community our lab draw program, so individuals attending the event will be able to come out and get some routine blood work done That’s a plus. Anytime you can make services available to the community in a non-traditional way, it reaches a population that otherwise wouldn’t have access to care.

Laurie Labishak, Director of Marketing and Communications, Trinity Health System

We started donating to non profit charities and it’s grown every year since then. This year we’re happy to have Trinity Health System come on board as one of our top sponsors. Last year we got the Nelsons involved with the nutcrackers. They’re also going to be on board again this year.

Bill Secrist, Co-Chair, Christmas in the Park

We’ll have between six and twelve nutcrackers there. We invite everyone to come visit Follansbee, come participate in their festival, and also come to Steubenville and enjoy our festival in November.

Mark Nelson, Co-Founder, The Nutcracker Village

Trinity officials say they are extending a hand financially as well as through human kindness, to help them grow the program.