Steubenville, OHIO (WTRF) – One local hospital celebrated a major milestone this afternoon. Their team of cardiologists at Trinity Health System recently completed their 100th Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Procedure.

Known as TAVR, it’s a minimally invasive alternative to open heart surgery. It’s designed to treat aortic stenosis, or a narrowing of the aortic valve. The narrowing blocks the flow of blood to the body causing the heart to work harder.

The Trinity team has been performing the TAVR procedure over the past year and a half.
Today a reception was held for everyone who took part in the procedure.

“It’s has been one of those procedures that has been increasing in number very quickly, because of how good it is. There is good safety data, there is good efficacy data behind it and that’s why it has taken off and is basically the main stay of the treatment of aortic stenosis at the time.”

Dr. Triston Smith, Director Structural Heat Program, Trinity Health System

“Roughly we do this procedure twice a month and getting to 100 in this short period of time is a great achievement for us.”

Dr. Gregory Suero, Medical Director, Invasive Cardiology, Trinity Health System

We got extensive experience in working as a team. The team of cardiologist, anesthesiologist, heart surgeons to make sure the patient gets the best outcome from this procedure.”

Dr. Victor Maevsky, Heart Surgeon, Trinity Health System

Officials with Trinity Health System say they have had great success with the procedure, with few complications and a zero mortality rate.