WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) When was the last time you picked up a good book?

If you can’t remember, then perhaps it has been too long since you visited the library.  

For National Library Week the Ohio County Public Library is hosting a free five-day event that is jampacked with activities. 

Community members of all ages are welcome to come get a sneak peek at the endless information the library has to offer.   

National Library Week started in 1958 and was founded by the American Library Association.   

To help celebrate, the Ohio County Public Library has a theme each day and even brings in special guests.  

If you like reading, games, movies and more then you’re not going to want to miss it.  

Director Amy Kastigar says now more than ever, they are working on getting people in the library so they can recognize its value as a community resource.   

This week at the library, we have several special programs going on. Today at noon, the Good Zoo will be here in the children’s department, and they’re going to bring some of their animals for the kids to meet. Tomorrow is lunch with books.

Which is the last history of Frederick Douglass in Wheeling. Wednesday is connected with OCPL. We’re going to do many tutorials using our eBooks and audiobooks, which you can do from home. Thursday, of course, is the colorectal screening and then Friday is gardening with master gardener Ralph Duncan.

Amy Kastigar, Director, Ohio County Public Library

The library has teamed up with Wheeling Health Right to highlight the importance of health education.

On Thursday you can learn about prevention and early detection of colon cancer.   

We have traditionally been a source of health information for the community, especially in this day and age when you know people like to get online and diagnose themselves.

They often come to us for a little translation. So, this is just another, more formal way for us to get people involved in their own health care.

Amy Kastigar, Director, Ohio County Public Library

Cindy Wade is a registered nurse at Wheeling Health Right. She says colon cancer is preventable and treatable.   

We are making people aware of colon cancer and the different ways that it can be diagnosed. There are multiple tests out there. It’s not a straight colonoscopy.

With today’s technology, there’s tests that you can do at home, and we want to reach out to the community and make them aware that people are being diagnosed with colon cancer younger and younger, so we are starting testing earlier.

Cindy Wade, Registered Nurse, Wheeling Health Right   

This education and screening event takes place on Thursday from 12-3.   

For generations, libraries have been a critical place to find information, so next time you’re searching for answers, head to your local library and hit the books.  

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