WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Two local organizations have partnered up once again to provide resources for those in the community.

The Ohio County Family Resource Network partnered with Mountaineer Food Bank today to host one of their last food distributions for the year. 

The mobile food pantry provided meat, vegetables, bread, fresh fruit and much more for any West Virginia resident.

The handout was available to anyone who provided a Wet Virginia address. 

The mobile food pantry was the third of four distributions for Ohio County this year. 

The executive director for the Ohio County Family Resource Network shared the importance of not just handing out food but also providing other resources for the community. 

”To be able to say not only here is this food but to be able to say and here are some other resources. So, along with the food that they’re getting, they’re getting information on where you can get hot meals you know what are the services between now and the next food distribution because we need to eat every day.”

Claudia Raymer – Executive Director of Ohio County Family Resource Network

The distribution was held in the parking lot of Wheeling Island Hotel-Casino-Racetrack. 

The final distribution for the year will take place on October 31.

Anyone who is unable to attend the mobile food pantry can access food by visiting one of the many 24-hour food pantries known as “Blessing Boxes” that are placed throughout Ohio county or by visiting mountaineerfoodbank.org for more information.