OHIO COUNTY, W.Va. (WTRF) – Two teachers at Warwood School got a massive surprise, being honored by the state of West Virginia for their excellent work in mathematics.

Out of every middle school math teacher across the state, Ellen Nau was named as the Middle School Math Teacher of the Year by the West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Also honored was math teacher Annie Vopal, who was named a 2023 Unit Design Collaborative Star by the Southern Regional Education Board, for her work both in helping build the units, and networking with other teachers to improve their own lessons.

“I was so excited to get this award because this award is from the West Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, so throughout all of West Virginia. It’s not something you apply for, it’s something that someone else nominates you for based on their observations of what you’ve done for mathematics.”

ELLEN NAU, Math Teacher at Warwood School

“So it’s an honor because I work with a lot of great teachers, coming up with great tasks that we can utilize in our classrooms. So to be recognized for that is really an honor.”

ANNIE VOPAL, Math Teacher at Warwood School

“They were, I mean awesome. Ms. Vopal, Ms. Nau, both do very hands-on activities and they make it more than just a class. They make it more fun.”


Jacob, a former student of both teachers, will be moving on to the state math competition in April at Shepherd University.

The students celebrated their teachers with a surprise ceremony. Ms. Vopal and Ms. Nau had no idea everyone was meeting in the gym to cheer them on.

From us here at WTRF, we want to wish a big congratulations to all three.